Work Life

Laurie Baccash has recently joined the Bedrock Investments Group team as our Escrow and Title Coordinator. Laurie’s responsibilities include reviewing all aspects of escrow and title for property acquisitions and dispositions. She monitors the transactions following contract execution through closing. Some of Laurie’s duties include review of escrow instructions, preliminary title reports, conveyance and easement documents, as well as estimated and final closing statements. In addition Laurie reviews leases, estoppels certificates and other contracts. She monitors receipt of all required due diligence documentation and contract time schedules. Laurie’s attention to detail makes her a great asset to our Team.

Experience & Know-How

Prior to joining Bedrock Investments Group, Laurie had a long career in the escrow industry, with over 30 years experience in all aspects of escrow. During Laurie’s career she handled a variety of escrow transactions including: apartment buildings, commercial buildings, commercial and residential refinances, residential purchases, 1031 exchanges (delayed and simultaneous), lease options, and ground leases. Laurie has handled escrows with values ranging from a few thousand dollars to an excess of $25 million. Laurie received certification through the California Escrow Association decades ago and, although not actively employed as an escrow officer, has continued her membership to keep apprised of new legislation impacting the escrow industry.

Away From The Office

Laurie’s life is all about family. She lives in San Diego with her husband of over 28 years, two college age children and a two year old yellow Labrador retriever named Karma. Now with grown children she has had time to pursue her creative path through jewelry making and art classes. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Laurie has volunteered and been a participant in the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure, as well as other breast cancer fundraisers. Laurie is originally from a small town in Wisconsin, where her family all still currently lives. She regularly visits her extended family. In addition, Laurie enjoys traveling with her husband and children, and has visited over 25 countries. She is looking forward to planning their next great adventure. Laurie loves living in San Diego and enjoys long walks and sunsets near the ocean.