Our Investment Performance is Singular, Strategic, and Unencumbered

We explore solid opportunities and lay the groundwork for acquisitions quickly through streamlined decisions and efficient funding. Using strict purchase criteria, we sift through over 100 properties each week looking for those that are undervalued and often overlooked.

The bottom line is we purchase properties at wholesale prices, not retail, and find the intrinsic value in each investment we make. These nuggets of opportunity are the basis of Bedrock’s outstanding performance.

Our strength lies in our ability to:

  • Complete due diligence and acquisition thoroughly and quickly, thereby ensuring the seller of a timely transaction
  • Centralize the decision making process by eliminating the need for many layers of approval
  • Evaluate worst case scenarios
  • Provide hands-on, active property management at competitive rates

Each property is held in a separate LLC, identified as a long-term investment, and generates immediate cash flow. Our acquisitions of single tenant net lease properties total more than $20 million, resulting in an average return of 8.64% on invested capital in 2015 for investors who participated in every acquisition.


Our promise is 100% transparency

As a Bedrock Investments Group (BIG) partner, you will experience full transparency related to our business operations and financial reporting, and have direct access to the principals of the firm. Communication is important in every relationship, so expect us to focus on the numbers and the details, and correspond with you regularly.

The principals at Bedrock Investments Group invest in every acquisition with our partners. We stand with you.

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