The Unique Bedrock Method

At Bedrock Investments Group (BIG), we take a conservative and disciplined approach to identifying “safe harbor” acquisitions and creating stable cash flow. Our investor partners know their investment is well researched and extensive due diligence is performed by the team before any acquisition opportunity is presented. When completing our due diligence, there are several key criteria we require of each potential acquisition:

  • Property Has Acceptable Demographics Within Its Marketplace
  • Market demand exists for similar space
  • Tenant has a significant capital investment in the facility
  • Current rent is below market
  • Acquisition cost per sq. ft. at or below physical replacement cost
    • Finding Safe Harbor

      We deliver predictable cash flow by acquiring assets where the tenant pays for taxes, maintenance, and insurance. We acquire our properties for cash. Our returns are based on contractual cash flow, not on hypothetical returns based on future ‘assumptions’. Our ‘all cash’ acquisition strategy insulates our investors from debt burdened cash calls.